Monday, 23 April 2012

ToB Primer II

Brimstone Locations

Wilson’s Carpenter Shop
“Robert Wilson runs this shop with the help of his son Billy.  They turn out finished wood items for sale, and will also sell raw materials (lumber, nails, etc.) to anyone who’s interested. The pair live in the back of the building, which doubles as a workshop and living quarters.”

McCurdy’s Saloon
“This is the biggest and the busiest place in town. The owner and proprietor, Gil McCurdy is loud and raucous, with manners little better than those of the people his saloon serves. The bartender is Danny Tucker who is on duty about 12 hours a day.

The only unusual aspect of McCurdy’s Saloon is a heavily guarded room at the back of the second floor. This room has served as Brimstone’s unofficial “bank” since the early days of the town. Only twice in the town’s history have men tried to gun down a guard and rob the bank, and on each occasion they were filled full of bullet holes — not only by the guard, but by quite a few of the saloon’s patrons, before they had even made it to the locked door.”

Brimstone Livery Stable
“John Stevens is the owner and proprietor. There is a decent chance he will be working on the premises at any time. Otherwise, he may be in his living quarters in the building or somewhere else in town. John puts up three stable hands who each work an 8-hour shift every day.

John’s stable and corral are almost always full, but there always seems to be room for one more horse if a customer is willing to pay John’s prices. Three horses are for sale.”

Kate’s Place
“This is a somewhat run-down but very respectable drinking and gambling establishment, with emphasis on the gambling part. Kate James is the owner and proprietor.  She is homely and gruff, and she hates customers cheating at her gambling tables even more than she dislikes having a fight break out at the bar. She and her employees don’t have a lot of difficulty keeping order, and they prefer to cater to the quiet sort of customer who isn’t inclined to bother anyone else.

The house dealer at Kate’s is Seymour “Aces” Mills.  The bartender is a burly, surly character known simply as “Mister John”.  He is primarily responsible for keeping order at Kate’s Place.”

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