Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ToB Primer III

Brimstone Locations

Simons General Store
“Jim Simons is the owner and proprietor. His wife Jenny tends the store while Jim is in town.”

Railroad Warehouse
“This is the largest building in town, and the only one with no windows. It is used to store construction materials that are transported to the track-laying site several miles to the west as needed, when railroad, workers change shifts. The caretaker is John Curtis.”

Brimstone Boarding House
“There are 18 single rooms for rent in this building.  Alice Johnson, an elderly woman, runs the place, but it is owned by Gil McCurdy.”

Carson’s Blacksmith Shop
“Horseshoes and hardware are the specialties of blacksmith Andrew Carson.  He is normally a quiet man who cares only about doing good work and receiving fair payment for it.  He works with a one-hand sledgehammer.”

Tent saloon
“This is the newest building in Brimstone, and it isn’t really a building at all. The wooden walls of this structure are only about four feet high; canvas draped around a frame forms the upper part of the walls and the ceiling. Most of the time the canvas walls are rolled up to let in light, which also enables anyone to see inside the building from a distance away.

This structure was originally created as a “flop house” for off-duty railroad workers, and it still serves that purpose. But the workers have also chipped in to build and maintain a bar on the premises, so the tracklayers don’t have to fraternize with the rest of the townspeople unless they want to. The caretaker and bartender is Frank Nash, who prides himself on being quick with his fists. The tent saloon is only open for business from noon to midnight, but will have railroad workers inside at any hour of the day or night.

The Pankration Club
Brimstone boasts numerous distractions, vices and curiosities.  Perhaps the cruelest (and debatably the most well-heeled) diversion can be found at the Pankration Club.  Membership is open to all with a stake to wager or the sand for a match.  Open daily, the Club entertains with fisticuffs and hooliganism; fish-hooks and eye-gouging permitted.  While the exact location remains a loosely guarded secret, casual association with local grifters, drifters and soiled doves will readily reveal its whereabouts.  

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