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Taming of Brimstone Primer

The Taming of Brimstone Primer
The Taming of Brimstone (ToB) session at OSRcon is based on the 1983 Dragon article of the same name.  From this  original material I've added my own re-imaginig and additions.  Included below is relevant material from the original (in "quotation marks") with my own additions (in Blue font).  All the material is considered general knowledge.

“The “business district” of Brimstone is shown on the map accompanying this text. Apart from these 11 large buildings and two fenced-in corrals, several tents and shanties dot the surrounding land- scape, particularly to the north and west (in areas not pictured on the map).  If this area is to have a part in the adventure, the referee must extend the boundaries of the map to account for them and determine the locations of the residences.”

Located about 200 yards south-east of the Tent Saloon is the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad encampment.  Dubbed ‘Spiketown’ by locals, the area is a tightly packed labyrinth of tents and shanties to support the motley crew of roadway workers, teamsters and gandy-dancers.  Located at the eastern limit is the 'Company House' (headquarters building) and  a string of six solidly build ‘cabins’ to house the more respectable A-P surveyors, line bosses and Bulls (guards). 

Shop/Doctor’s Office
“This building, located in an unofficial “no man’s land” at the west edge of town, is where Jason Scott goes about the business of keeping the people of Brimstone shaved, trimmed, and patched up. He never turns away a customer or a patient. Whether or not he actually has a doctor’s degree is of little consequence to the people he serves; all they know is that he seems to be able to keep them healthy and in one piece. And in return for that service, the bad guys of Brimstone have agreed among themselves to leave Doc Scott and his place of business alone.”

Celestial City
Directly south of the A-P warehouse lies the newly laid railway line.  Beyond this line, just at the ties edge, begins ‘Celestial City', a ramshackle work camp.  This area (the Chinese name means literally ‘Tears and Blood”) houses, feeds and entertains the population of Chinese ‘coolies’ working for A-P.   

While the good citizens of Brimstone agree on little, there is a steadfast and near-universal commitment to a singular ‘unwritten law’: No Celestials are permitted north of the tracks unless on official business and never after sundown.  Overcrowded and filthy, few non-residents have dared to pierce its mysteries.  
Brimstone, 1869

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