Monday, 10 September 2012

Movement Rates?

Movement rate in B/X (LL, LotFP, ACK) are: 120(40)/90(30)/60(20)/30(10).  Under the S&W (as well as C&T) rules, movement rates are identical except in a “Combat round”.  In an “indoor” situation rates are 12/9/6/3 FEET while “outdoor” 12/9/6/3 YARDS.

Question: In S&W, Outdoor rates in feet are 36/27/18/9, much closer to B/X et al.  Why the discrepancy for indoor movement?  I would imagine this makes a very substantial difference for indoor combat?

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  1. Indoor movement rates assume that the party is exploring a dungeon, mapping carefully, which is factored into the movement rate.

    It doesn't make that much difference in combat, though, because S&W uses a 1 minute combat round, and 120 feet of movement is more than you usually need in a dungeon setting.