Monday, 27 August 2012

You Can't Go Home Again?

Unlike some others I knew, in ‘olden times’ my friends and I never enjoyed a monogamous relationship with D&D.   Quite simply, we loved games too much to be faithful to a single system or genre.  At the time, for a whole bunch of reasons, I imagined a particular game was, quite simply, the best thing ever.  In no particular order, games such as MERP, Marvel Superheroes, Star Frontiers, Palladium Fantasy and Twilight 2000 reigned, obsessively, supreme. 

The years have tempered obsessiveness and time has separated me not just from the ‘the group’ (‘the guys’?} but also from the feelings and energy of those moments.  Again, for a whole bunch of reasons, I’ve tended to label these experiences (and preferences) with some flippancy, filed away in big folder labeled: It seemed like a good idea at time.

Of late, I’ve begun to recognize the intensity of the torch I still carry for (some of) them.  Perhaps it wasn’t the game itself that left such a lasting impression but rather a particular GM, character, campaign or player?  Of course, even if I pull the old books off the shelf, I can play those rules but I won’t be able to play that game.  But I think I have an obligation to find out.  Don't you too?  

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