Monday, 27 August 2012

Google +/Google :S

In response to OSR blogger John Bell's posting today "I'm on Google Plus" (, commentor JasonZavoda (sic) wrote: "I'm on google+ as well but I have no idea how it works."  Bravo, JZ.  Thank you for writing exactly what I've been thinking.  

I fear that I am experiencing 'Emperor's New Clothes' Symdrome.  Like JB and JV, I feel Google Plus is something I should be "on" and suspect something really fun is going on and I'm missing it.  I've managed to 'friend' people but have no idea what this does, means or how it impacts my life at all.

Can anyone please tell me a) what the &%$# is it?  b) why and how should I use it? c) what am I missing?  d) in what ways will it change my perceptions of reality itself? 



  1. Here's a good intro:

    Basically, it just ends up being a glorified message board, but with more control over who sees what. And it seems to be pretty vibrant right now.

  2. Thanks for this Brendan. Do you use it much?

    1. Probably too much. :-)

      I run my weekly OD&D game using Google Plus hangouts (videoconferencing) also.

  3. Do you play D&D solely? I'd very much like to hear about how you run the Google plus games.